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Books by Barbara Durham

We offer a range of book releases for believers of all ages. Visit this page often or subscribe to our email list for updates on new releases.

Unfading Hope: Poetic Reflections to Fuel Your Faith in Challenging Times

No matter what you are facing today, there is still hope. When hope is rooted in the Word of the Lord, He gives a peace that surpasses all human understanding. Unfading Hope is collection of original poetic reflections to remind you of the comfort and peace found by resting in the faithfulness of God. True hope is found in Jesus.

Included in this book are:

  • Original Christian poems by Barbara Durham.

  • Uplifting Bible verses centered on hope

  • Bible journaling prompts and exercises

  • Pages for prayer and personal reflection

Discover hope that anchors the soul in this inspirational title, "Unfading Hope: Poetic Reflections to Fuel Your Faith in Challenging Times".

Alissa, You Are Loved

Alissa, You Are Loved is an uplifting children's picture book that demonstrates how we can trust Jesus for help with any difficulties we face. When Alissa feels down because of her math grades, Mommy shows up with a special surprise and encouraging words to lift her spirit. Will Mommy's surprise work? Read this inspirational rhyming book to follow Alissa's journey becoming a bright light for Jesus.

Nadiya's Delightful Day

Nadiya’s Delightful Day shares a heart-warming message about a little girl's faith and God's loving care for His people. Nadiya becomes worried when she overhears her mother talking about a job loss. Although her parents lovingly affirm their trust in the Lord's promise to provide, Nadiya wonders what she can do to help. When one of her ideas doesn't end so well, Nadiya begins to pray for her family. The Lord remarkably answers her prayer! Parents and children will be inspired to live out biblical values and put Jesus first in your daily lives.

Titles are available for purchase on Amazon
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